Tools & Resources

Consumer Resources

We provide resources to credible links for information and specialized services. To find the resources that are best for you and your needs, we encourage you to contact a financial planner and discuss your options. Our resources cover multiple topics, including:

  • Taxes & Investments
  • Credit Counseling
  • Foreclosure Resources & Prevention
  • Debt Collections & Bankruptcy
  • Student Loans & College Funding
  • Identity Theft & Privacy
  • Mortgages & Home Buying
  • Emergency Fund Savings
  • Job Loss & Disability
  • Consumer Information & Protection
  • Community Aid Organizations & Resources
  • Vehicle Purchasing
  • Retirement

Prepare for Life Events

For additional information, FPA offers resources designed to help individuals understand the importance of financial planning and the value of objective advice from a financial planner. 

Request A Speaker

Let FPA of Oregon & SW Washington identify a guest speaker for your next event. Our speakers are volunteer members who provide objective and unbiased presentations, free of charge, as part of their commitment to community service and public awareness. FPA of Oregon & SW Washington speakers know how to address virtually any financial planning topic, including:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Funding college education
  • Maximizing employee benefits
  • Raising financially healthy children

To request a speaker, call the FPA Oregon & SW Washington office at 503.286.8350 or click here to email us.



Group Setting


Resources for Kids to Seniors


Classroom Setting